Other Early Books

My first published books were all puzzle-books of one sort or another. The very first was Justin Credible’s Word Play World, designed to feature as many word puzzles as possible, often in unfamiliar guises.

I also wrote a series of sticker and puzzle books for very young readers, as well as a non-fiction history guide to Ancient Rome.

Book titles and years of publication

Justin Credible’s Word Play World  (Walker)  1994

The Hare and the Tortoise  (Walker/Early Learning Centre)  1998

Walking through the Jungle  (Walker/ELC)  1998

The Little Red Car  (Walker/ELC)   1999

Alfie’s Big Adventure  (Walker/ELC)  1999

Little Spike and Long Tail  (Walker/ELC)  2000

Golidilocks and the Three Bears  (Walker/ELC)  2000

Sightseers: Ancient Rome  (Kingfisher)  2000