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Buried Fire (1999)

Two brothers, Michael and Stephen MacIntyre, together with their sister Sarah and the local vicar Tom Aubrey, uncover a deadly secret buried near their village. But time is short: can they prevent the awakening of an ancient evil before its powers corrupt them for ever?

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US edition available
in paperback and ebook.

Ptolemy's Gate
UK edition available in paperback and ebook.


"Jonathan Stroud writes like a seasoned veteran with a voice all his own, and tells a cracking story that races to a strong climax"
Tony Bradman, Daily Telegraph

"(an) atmospheric and gripping debut"
The Times

"an impressive debut… a gripping tale"
The Observer

"(a) well-written, intensely imagined first novel"
Nicholas Tucker, Carousel

"Part detective story, part psychological thriller, this is a genuinely chilling novel"
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