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The Last Siege (2003)

When Emily, Simon and Marcus discover the deserted castle, it seems like an escape from the midwinter snows and their individual loneliness. But their occupation of the ruin quickly takes on a momentum of its own, and soon threatens their friendship, their freedom and their lives.

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US edition available in paperback, audio and ebook.


Ptolemy's Gate
UK edition available in paperback and ebook.


"Packed with suspense and palpable tension… this compelling thriller is impossible to put down."
Wendy Cooling, The Bookseller

"a gripping novel of real originality… The careful setting-up, subtle delineation of character, meticulous observation of the castle itself – in some ways the story's main character – and the gradual increase in the pace and tension of this riveting narrative mark this as a novel of real skill and technique."
Dennis Hamley, Carousel

"Once again Jonathan Stroud writes an excellent book, and from a completely different angle than the others of his that I've read so far! I think that's what I enjoy the most about him as an author, not only is he very creative, but he's always doing new things . . . You could say it's a bit of a psychological thriller for young adults. I really enjoyed it!"

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