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The Leap (2001)

Everyone says that Max is drowned, but Charlie thinks differently: she was in the mill-pool with him, and knows exactly what she saw. When she begins to see him in her dreams, her hopes are raised. It seems the reunion she craves is possible. But where exactly is Max leading her? And will she be able to return?

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US edition available in paperback and ebook.


Ptolemy's Gate
UK edition available in paperback and ebook.


"compelling reading… sensitively depicted"
The Guardian

"Atmospheric and intriguing… the quality of writing never flags"
The Daily Telegraph

"A finely choreographed novel of displacement, death and friendship."
The Oxford Times

"This is a very powerful piece of writing, with all the agony of bereavement and loss, and the confusion and anger that goes along with such an experience."

". . . an intense and thought-provoking book."
Scholar's Blog

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