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“Seriously scary, brilliant prose.”
The Metro

 “A dashing teenage hero, a ghostly cult leader and a girl gravedigger with serious personal hygiene issues are just some of the delights that lie in wait in The Whispering Skull, Jonathan Stroud’s second book in the Lockwood & Co. series.”
The Independent
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"A blissful read."
The Evening Standard
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“With the same sophisticated imagination that made his Bartimaeus series such a success, Stroud’s writing is assured and nimble. He’s terrific at mixing the macabre with high-school-level repartee.”
The New York Times
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"The story is just as spooky, and brilliantly told as the previous instalment  - which admittedly you don’t need to have read first, but why miss out?"
The Scotsman

"Fantastic characters, fast-paced action, and truly alarming in places."
The Guardian
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"A delicious mixture of bone-dry wit and spooky shocks."
Financial Times
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"If you’re a fan of swordplay, ghost stories and snark, go out RIGHT NOW and pick up the first book…Fingers crossed that Jonathan Stroud will keep these books coming for a ZILLION YEARS."
Kirkus Reviews
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