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Heroes of the Valley (2009)

Long ago, Halli Sveinsson’s ancestors fought monsters in the valley and drove them up into the hills. Halli wants to be a hero too, but when he rebels against his peaceful, boring life, he unleashes a series of terrible events. With the help of a girl called Aud, who is just as brave and curious as he is, Halli begins to piece together the secrets of the valley – but what they uncover threatens to destroy them . . .

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US edition available
in hardback, paperback,
audio and ebook.

Ptolemy's Gate
UK edition available in hardback, paperback, audio and ebook.


Leevi Lemmetty's brilliantly stylised take on the beginning of the novel.
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"Stroud conjures up an alluring Viking world where legends intertwine with reality, heroes still matter, and monsters lurk in the darkness"
Rick Riordan

"Jonathan Stroud's new book is, quite simply, stunning"
The Guardian

"Witty and cinematic storytelling" Publishers Weekly

"As always, Stroud writes like a dream… Those who eagerly awaited this next novel after his superb Bartimaeus trilogy will not be disappointed."
Books for Keeps

"[a] compelling novel… Fans of his Bartimaeus Trilogy will, like the hungry Trows of valley legend, devour this book whole."
School Library Journal

"a real treat" Daily Telegraph

"Funny, exciting, thoughtful, and, most of all, timeless…"



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